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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anaïs Nin

I love these words from Anaïs Nin. They capture the pain of constriction and the longing to live free. Nature has so much to teach.

There’s always one spring morning when I wake amazed to discover that the previously closed buds are now cherry trees in full bloom. I believe that each of us has a bud that wants to blossom into our own unique expression.

But in order for buds to blossom, the conditions need to be right. Therapy can provide those conditions for you.

 We will begin by creating a non-judgemental space where you can tell your story and be deeply listened to with all the hurts, traumas, faliures and defeats.  As well as longings, victories, and overcomings. A place where you are invited to remain open and curious as you reconnect to your own voice and resoures.

Insights and understanding will emerge. As important as this is our work will not stop there.  From my years of experience and training, I will faccilate deep emotional processing. Self limiting beliefs and out worn patteren held in your psyche and body will unlossen and clear.

Just like the body, given the right conditions and support, has the innate capacity to heal so does the mind and psyche . Lasting change is possible  along with deep satisying relationship. You can connect to your own vital creativity and life.

Let me share an example story of how this can work. This is only an example. Laura is not a real client. All client information is confidential.

A Path to Blossoming

Laura found herself increasingly dissatisfied with her life. She had a longing for something she couldn’t put into words. It was like she had forced herself to live in a box designed by someone else.

On the outside things looked pretty good, but she found herself just going through the motions.

She tried talking to friends and family about how she was feeling. They didn’t take her seriously or told her that she was too emotional. She began to realize that in her relationships she was doing all the listening, but no one had time to listen to her.

Laura found herself increasingly anxious, depressed and overwhelmed by life. She feared that she would never find what she was looking for and wondered if she even deserved it.

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A Willingness to Try

One night when Laura couldn’t sleep, she ran across an online article about how therapy had helped someone who sounded a lot like her. She was willing to try, so she gave me a call.

Laura was relieved that I took the time to listen.

Together, we rediscovered her own unique spark.

She learned that when words were not enough, she could express herself through art, dreams and images.

We worked though her hurts and traumas and untangled the patterns that kept her blocked. Laura learned to listen and trust her inner knowing.

She also learned to appreciate the sensitivity and emotional expression that fuel her creative self, and she started painting again.

As she changed, some of her old, ill-fitting relationships have fallen away. But she has made several new mutually caring relationships that help to sustain her.

Laura has embraced her own style and relishes living outside the box of anyone else’s expectations.

She is so glad she took the risk to call. She continues to create a life and
relationships that bring her freedom and joy.

If you want to explore your own path to blossoming, please call 510-775-1496, or click below
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